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57-38 B.C. Orodes II Silver Drachm


57-38 B.C. Orodes II Silver Drachm


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In 57 B.C., Orodes II murdered his father and brother to become king of Parthia. When the wealthy Roman general Crassus (defeater of Spartacus) decided to invade Parthia and add to his fame, Orodes II sent his fierce cavalry to halt the 40,000 troops of Rome. Though outnumbered 4 to 1, Parthia's skilled archers and horsemen prevailed. Crassus' severed head and hands were presented to Orodes in triumph. Ironically, 15 years later, Orodes was murdered by his own son.

Now, over 2,000 years old, this silver Drachm could have paid the cavalry that triumphed against Rome. Parthian coins are famous for their consistent silver purity, and these silver Drachms feature Orodes II's portrait on one side, with a seated archer on the other. Recall the skill of the Parthians against the might of Rome with this silver coin.

  • Material: Silver
  • Product Type: Single Products
  • Location: Asia Minor & Middle East
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