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c. A.D. 780-793 Tabaristan Silver Hemidrachm



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Thanks to a special purchase, we're able to offer you a truly beautiful museum-quality silver coin of Tabaristan discovered in the Caspian Sea hoard. This ancient Persian region, located on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, was the last holdout against Arab conquest.

After the Roman Empire had fallen into the Dark Ages, regions like Tabaristan, located along the major trade route the Silk Road, grew and thrived. And these early pure silver coins issued from A.D. 780-793 are still in remarkable Mint State condition. Used as coins of trade, perhaps these were hidden away by passing merchants.

Each silver Hemidrachm displays the stylized bust of a king on the obverse, and a fire altar on the reverse. Every coin has been examined by our experts, then certified and encapsulated by NGC. In those prosperous and adventurous times, how did these coins from that Silk Road city survive in such amazing condition after being buried for 1,200 years? You can imagine with a museum-quality example in your hand.

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